Unsportsmanlike Conduct


EHR High School has had a great football season. We are undefeated so far on the road to the championship. Next game we play you guys, the Rival High School Escapers, for the championship and are looking forward to the challenge. However, our mascot didn’t want to play fair. He stole your playbook. I don’t think that is right and don’t want to win that way. So, I am going to let you into our locker room. I believe that he has hidden the playbook somewhere in there. You need to find your playbook and get out! Our mascot is a shifty guy. I’m sure it won’t be as simple as getting in and finding it just laying around. You’ll certainly have to figure out some things to find it. Here is the catch. You only have one hour to find it while the rest of the team is out practicing. If they catch you in our locker room, they will think you broke in to steal our playbook and you will be expelled.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct




60 minutes