Holiday Hunt

Difficulty: Family Friendly
Duration: 30 mins
# of players: 2-6 (4 recommended)
Cost: $48 for up to 4 players ($12 each for additional players)

  1. Behind this door, you will find a VERY special land. A land filled with memories and dreams, family and friends, and traditions to enjoy and share.


    The holidays are all around us as you can see But there is one we can’t seem to find:


    We need to find Christmas Land. Can you help?
    Don’t worry.
    You won’t be alone.
    Inside, you will find 3 special friends from Halloween Land that are around to help you hunt for the keys to open up the lands of three:
    Valentine’s, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

    These 3 lands, I believe, will give you the ultimate key to…………………


    * All games are private

Difficulty: 9/10
Duration: 60 minutes
# of players: 2-6 (5-6 recommended)
Cost: $30 per player

Let us take you back to the Wild West. You will walk into a late 1800s wild west saloon. You will need your wits about you to find your six shooter in this multi-linear room. This room will challenge even the most veteran escape room enthusiasts. But, don’t worry if you are new to escape rooms. We won’t leave you out to dry like a tumbleweed blowing across the plains.



It's the 1800's in the Wild West. You were at Rusty Wheel Saloon and ended up gambling. A group of outlaws accused you of cheating. They challenged you to a shootout at High Noon. Unfortunately, you must have left your six shooter somewhere in the saloon. The saloon doesn't open until later this afternoon. Wendell, the barkeep, likes to hide things and lock the bar up pretty tight. You know some of his secrets and tricks. You wrote them in your journal. However, you left your journal in the saloon as well. It's 11 am. You and your posse have one hour to find your journal, uncover the secrets and tricks and find Gertie, your trusted pistol, before Zeke and his band of outlaws come back. Otherwise, you'll be pushing up daisies. Good Luck, Partner!


Difficulty: 6/10
Duration: 60 minutes
# of players: 2-6 (4-6 recommended)
Cost: $30 per player

Welcome to EHR High School. You will go into a modern day high school sports locker room. We won’t make you go to classes and you don’t need any sports knowledge. However, we will be testing your skills in this room. Your goal is simple. Find your stolen playbook before the championship game without getting caught. This is a good escape room for first timers. But, there are also challenging puzzles in this multi-linear room for those that have already done multiple escape rooms.



EHR High School has had a great football season. We are undefeated so far on the road to the championship. We play you guys, the Rival High School Escapers, for the championship and are looking forward to the challenge. However, our mascot didn't want to play fair. He stole the Rival HS playbook. We don't think that is right and don't want to win that way. So, we are going to let you into our locker room. We believe that she has hidden the playbook somewhere in there. You need to find your playbook and get out! Our mascot is a shifty gIRL. I'm sure it won't be as simple as getting in and finding it just laying around. You'll certainly have to figure out some things to find it. Here is the catch. You only have one hour to find it while the team is out practicing. If they catch you in our locker room, they will think you broke in to steal our playbook.

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About Us

"This was my 9th room in the Chicago area, and is by far the best room I've been in! The room was great, and the puzzles were a mixture of challenging and fun." - Jess


"We had an amazing time!!!!! Our 10 and 8 year old had as good of a time as we did!!!!! Such a fun family activity!!!! The puzzles were very creative and challenging!!!! Staff was super friendly and helpful!!! We will definitely be back!!!!!!" - Tracie


"So much fun! One of the best escape rooms we've done. The room looked great! Very atmospheric. Great story. Loved the cowboy theme. Everyone was super nice. Would definitely do different themed rooms with this company." - Grace


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What is an escape room?

An escape room is a live form of entertainment offering challenges, puzzles, clues and riddles that players must decipher and solve in order to escape a themed room.

Are we locked in?

Yes and no. Yes, the door is locked and you’ll need to use your skills to figure out how to unlock it to “escape”. However, there will always be at least one way to get out without a key or code for emergencies.

How many people can play?

It can vary from game to game. Our first two games will be designed for a maximum of 6 players per game.

Will we be paired with strangers?

Yes, that is possible if you book less than the full amount of players and another group books for the same game and time. But, don’t think of them as strangers. Think of them as people that may be able to come up with different ideas and help you escape the room.

What if we don’t want to be grouped with strangers?

You can simply book all available spots for a specific date/time to ensure that no one else can book with you.

How long does a game take?

One hour or less. You’ll have 60 minutes to complete a game. If you are able to get out early, awesome! If you are unable to beat the game in 60 minutes, we’ll come let you out.

What do we get if we escape?

Bragging rights! Then, you can throw down a challenge to your friends to see if they can beat your time.

Can we change our date and/or time after we’ve booked?

Possibly. Please contact us at or stop in during our business hours and we’ll do our best to find another date and/or time for you.

Can I cancel or just get a refund?

Sorry, all sales are final. But, we can help you find a date or time that can work for you.

How old do we have to be?

We have designed these rooms for adults. But, children 12 and up are allowed as long as there is at least 1 adult for every two children 14 and under. A parent or guardian will need to sign a waiver for any player under the age of 16.

What do I need to bring?

Your wits, common sense and logical thinking. No food or drink will be allowed in the rooms. Everything you need to solve the games will be in the rooms. No cellphones or outside items can be used once the game starts.

Are walk-ins accepted?

We will accept walk-in groups, but keep a few things in mind. First, scheduled times have precedence, so if you walk in and all the spots are booked for that evening there is nothing we can do for you. Second, if there are no rooms booked for a night, we may not be in the office during those hours. Calling ahead is highly suggested.

Do I need to book in advance?

It is strongly recommended to make sure that your spots are reserved.

What time should we arrive?

Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled start time. Since we book specific times, we need to keep on our schedule.

My company/organization wants to do a group outing. Can we do that?

Yes, we can do group outings. Please contact us at to work out the details.


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